Fast Boat Lembongan – Nusa Lembongan Speed Boat Transfer

Lembongan fast boat transfer is one of our products which offer that smart and fastest way to get Lembongan island using speed boat. Fast boat service to Lembongan begins with our driver will pick up you from the hotel then drive to Sanur harbor by car about 30 minutes from Kuta area then cross you to Lembongan island by fast boat about 1.5 hours from Sanur to Lembongan. And after you enjoy the various activities on Lembongan island we also provide tickets to return to Bali. you go to the harbor in Lembongan at Jungut Batu Village then cross to Bali using a fast boat to Sanur harbor approximately 1.5 hours and our driver will pick you from Sanur harbor and drive you back to the hotel.

Lembongan Fast Boat - Cheap Bali Tour - Nirwana Fast Boat

Lembongan Fast Boat - Cheap Bali Tour - D'Camel Fast Boat

Lembongan Fast Boat - Cheap Bali Tour - Arthamas Fast Boat

Lembongan Fast Boat - Cheap Bali Tour - Sanur Harbor

Why should you go to Lembongan? because Lembongan island is one of the small islands that is one part of the island of Bali which is part of the Kelungkung Regency. Nusa Lembongan Islan is one of three neighboring islands of Bali, approximately 13 miles from Sanur harbor (south-east of Bali) and The other two islands are Nusa Penida Island being the bigger and Nusa Ceningan island being the smaller. Lembongan Island is a suitable place for you to relax so that many foreign tourists and domestic tourists. They visit there to enjoy the beach tourism such as exploring the beauty of mangrove forest, snorkeling, playing banana boat, self on the beach devil tears and enjoy the beauty of the panorama point Lembongan. so we recommend for you who want to go to Bali to try a tour to Lembongan island and we will organize your ticket to there

Price USD 40/person, Return Ticket.

Price USD 27/person, One Way Ticket.

Price Included:

  • Return fast boat
  • Return hotel transfer
  • mineral water
  • Insurance

Fast Boat Nusa Penida – Nusa Penida Speed Boat Transfer

Fast Boat Penida Island is a transportation facility that serves the route crossing from Sanur to Nusa Penida using a fast boat. Cross to Nusa Penida only 30 minutes from Sanur Beach and has a captain, boat crew and staff were friendly, smiling and ready to provide maximum service for your trip to Nusa Penida.

Penida Fast Boat - Transfer to Penida Island

Penida Fast Boat - Nusa Penida Harbor

Penida Fast Boat - Sanur Harbor

Penida Fast Boat - Crossing to Penida Island

Boat Specifications: Motorized with 600 horse power rated under international maritime. Code of Safety, 13-meter length, 3-meter width. Boat Capacity for 45 persons completed with a life jacket.

Price USD 45/person, Return Ticket

Price USD 30/person. One Way Ticket


  • Return hotel transfers to Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua and Ubud area
  • Load and unloading luggage porter (1 luggage / person)
  • Insurance

Notes :

  • Transport Service for minimum 2 persons booking
  • Add charge for pick up area Canggu, Uluwatu, Airport at Rp.250.000 net/car/way ( maximum 4 persons )
  • Return date from Nusa Penida is open (either on the same day or next day)
  • Not Included : Pick up and drop service in Nusa Penida Island

Bali Water Sport – Tanjung Benoa Water Activities

Bali water sport Package is a package of water activities that many very interested by the tourists, both tourists, and foreign tourists. Bali water sport center is located in Nusa Dua which is in the region of Tanjung Benoa beach about 30 minutes drive from Kuta area. Nusa Dua is very suitable for use as a place of various water activities because it is supported by the beauty of the beach. Various Bali water sports activities on offer such as banana boat, snorkeling, turtle island, fly fish, jet ski, parasailing, trolling or coral fishing tour, Deep Sea Fishing, Fly board, Sea Scooter / Underwater Scooter. so let's try Bali water sports package because your tour in Bali is not complete if you have not tried water sport because you will play on the beach in Bali is already famous in the world


Cheap Bali Tour - Snorkeling Nusa DuaSnorkeling Nusa Dua
USD 25 (1 Hour)

Cheap Bali Tour - Water Ski Bali
Water Ski
USD 35 (15 Minutes)

Cheap Bali Tour - Turtle Island Bali
Turtle Island Tour
USD 35 (1 Hour)

Cheap Bali Tour - Bali Deep Sea FIshing
Deep Sea Fishing
USD 500 (4 Hours)

Cheap Bali Tour - Sea Walker BaliSea Walker
USD 70 (30 Minutes)

Cheap Bali Tour - Wake Board Bali
Wake Board
USD 35 (15 Minutes)

Cheap Bali Tour - Fly Fish Bali
Fly Fish
USD 35 (15 Minutes)

Cheap Bali Tour - Flyboard Bali
USD 75 (15 Minutes)

Cheap Bali Tour - Parasailing BaliParasailing
USD 20 (1 Round)

Cheap Bali Tour - Banana Boat Bali
Banana Boat
USD 20 (15 Minutes)

Cheap Bali Tour - Dolphin Tour Nusa Dua
Dolphin Tour
USD 70 (4 Hours)

Cheap Bali Tour - Sea Scooter Bali
Sea Scooter
USD 75 (25 Minutes)

Cheap Bali Tour - Jet Ski Bali
Jet Ski
USD 30 (15 Minutes)

Cheap Bali Tour - Glass Bottom Boat Bali
Glass Bottom Boat
USD 25 (30 Minutes)

Cheap Bali Tour - Bali Fishing
Trolling or Coral Fishing Tour
USD 90 (4 Hours)

Package A
Banana Boat
Jet Ski
Fly Fish

US $105/pax
Min 2pax

Package B
Jet Ski
Banana Boat
Scuba Diving (1x dive)

US $115/pax
Min 2pax

Package C
Banana Boat
Jet Ski

US $85/pax
Min 2pax

Package D
Banana Boat
Jet Ski

US $70/pax
Min 2pax

Package E
Glass Bottom Boat
Banana Boat
Jet Ski
Turtle Island

US $110/pax
Min 2pax

Package F
Jet Ski
Banana Boat

US $125/pax
Min 2pax

Package G
Jet Ski
Banana Boat
Scuba Diving (2x dive)

US $130/pax
Min 2pax

Package H
Jet Ski
Fly Fish

US $85/pax
Min 2pax

Package I
Banana Boat
Scuba Diving(1x dive)

US $95/pax
Min 2pax

Price included: transportation, snorkeling gears and fishing gears (minimum 3 people)
NOTES: lunch and soft drink are include for fishing and dolphin tour only

Bali Karangasem Tour – Bali Full Day Tour

Bali Karangasem Tour is one of full day tour package in Bali which offers the exotic of the eastern part of Bali. Karangasem is one of regency in the eastern part of Bali province which also has many beautiful places to visit. Besides that, Karangasem regency has the longest river in Bali is Telaga Waja river which operates white water rafting trip and it has the harbor which becomes the place of departing of the ferry to Lombok and fast boat to Gili islands. On this Bali Karangasem tour, you will visit most of the best choice tourism objects such as Bukit Jambul, Putung, Tirta Gangga, Candidasa, Tenganan, and Goa Lawah.

Cheap Bali Tour - Karangasem Tour - Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace

Cheap Bali Tour - Karangasem Tour - Tenganan Bali Aga

Cheap Bali Tour - Karangasem Tour - Putung Karangasem

Cheap Bali Tour - Karangasem Tour - Tenganan Village

Cheap Bali Tour - Karangasem Tour - Tirtagangga Water Palace

Cheap Bali Tour - Karangasem Tour - Goa Lawah Temple

Cheap Bali Tour - Karangasem Tour - Candidasa Lotus Garden

Cheap Bali Tour - Karangasem Tour - Goa Lawah

Places to be visited during the Bali Karangasem tour:

Bukit Jambul

Bukit Jambul Karangasem becomes one more interesting place that can be found in Karangasem regency, Bali. In this place, the tourists will be able to see the natural scenery Karangasem is still green and natural. The atmosphere here will feel more calm, because of the view of the green forest and terracing rice fields in Bukit Jambul Karangasem this. The existence of Bukit Jambul is increasingly ordained Bali Island as a province that has an environmentally friendly tourism policy.


Putung which is a blend of natural beauty of hills, estates, rice fields, and blue sea. The beauty of nature here is a combination of the green mountains with the blue sea from a distance. This place is perfect for those who like the atmosphere of calm and peace moreover the air in this place is very cool.

Tirta Gangga

Tirta Gangga is a tourist park located in Karangasem, Bali. Before becoming a tourist attraction in Bali as it is today, this place was once a transit place of a King of Karangasem. Tirta Gangga is dominated by 3 main buildings that become its character, that is Pond, Statue, and Garden. All of these buildings have an implied meaning.


Candidasa is a place usually known as a large lotus garden that you can find in Bali. In addition, Candidasa is a resort area, complete with all facilities that can provide satisfaction for tourists. Generally, tourists who vacation to Candidasa will settle in a long time. This is because the attractions of Candidasa provide some restaurants, cafes, bars, and lodging classy with a standard price. In addition, these sights provide a unique and interesting old feel.


The village of Tenganan is a Bali Aga village, Bali Aga is a village that still maintains a pattern of life whose community order refers to traditional customary rules inherited from their ancestors. This village is unique because it can survive the flow of technology, although facilities and infrastructure such as electricity and others have entered into this Tenganan Village the house and customs are maintained as the original remains exotic, this is because the Tenganan community has a very strong customary village rules, called "awig-awig" which they have written since the 11th century and was renewed in 1842.

Goa Lawah Temple

Goa Lawah Temple is located in the village of Pasinggahan Dawan district, Klungkung regency. The unique of this temple is the existence of a Goa on the main part of the temple. Not just an empty cave, but the cave is inhabited. Its occupants are bunches of bats hanging inside this cave. The local people believe that the bat in this temple is very sacred. Even if there are people who dare to interfere or to kill the bat in the cave, this will happen a disaster.

Tour Price USD 55/person, minimum of 2 people


  • Full AC vehicle whole your trip based on private car (car, driver and petrol)
  • Already include with 21% Government Tax and Services
  • English speaking Bali driver
  • Mineral water on trip
  • Sarongs (when entering the temple)
  • Parking fee and donations
  • Insurance