Ayung Rafting Ubud – Bali White Water Rafting at Ayung River Ubud 55% OFF

Ayung Rafting is Bali water activities that located at Ayung River where Ayung River is one of the longest rivers in Bali for rafting activity after Telaga Waja river in Karangasem. Ayung River is located in Ubud District, Gianyar Regency. Apart from being one of the longest rivers, Ayung rafting at Ayung also has a trajectory of rapids that is suitable for rafting activities for beginners because they have grade II-III. So for those who often vacation to Bali and lovers of rafting activities, the name of the river Ayung is not foreign anymore. As we have explained a little above, Ayung rafting is perfect for beginners who want to try white water rafting. Age of at least 7 years old children can already participate. Especially adults. To enjoy the rafting at our place, you will take the track along 12 km or about 2 hours from start point to finish point. During the track, we guarantee you will not be bored and will not be wasted to spend 2 hours just to paddle it. Because at some point, will be encountered spot rapids that are pretty testing your guts. The attraction of rafting in the river Ayung is the existence of the carvings (relief) Ramayana story along the 1 km river wall.

So, in a nutshell, we explained that Ayung rafting river will be very exciting and suitable for beginners because:

The rapids are not too heavy because the river Ayung is in grade 2 - 3, many reliefs found in the Ramayana story in the lip of the cliffs sculptures. So you can rest here while doing the documentation. The scenery along the journey of Ayung Rafting tracks still looks natural and many also found buildings villas, resorts, hotels, and others. There is a waterfall to remove the thirst and as a background object to take your photos.

Ayung Rafting New Gangga -  Walking to The River

Ayung Rafting New Gangga -  Fun Adventure

Ayung Rafting New Gangga -  Instruction By Rafting Guide

Ayung Rafting New Gangga -  Fun Rafting Activity

Ayung Rafting New Gangga -  Fun Activity

Ayung Rafting New Gangga -  Waterfall

Ayung Rafting New Gangga -  Challenging Rafting

Ayung Rafting New Gangga -  Fun Rafting

Ayung Rafting Ubud Bali Itinerary:

We will pick you up from your lobby hotel at 8.00am (Kuta Area) with an air-conditioned vehicle from the hotel lobby. Then our driver will take you to the location of white water rafting or where the start of white water rafting on the river Ayung. Arriving at the location you will get a welcome drink, show your ticket to follow the rafting. Furthermore, our professional guides will lead you to use international standard rafting equipment such as helmets, life jackets, rowers and waterproof bags. Once everything is ready, then the guide will take you to the starting point and you will get information on the common Ayung river and instructions during the rafting on the Ayung river. After that, our guide will lead you to raft down the river Ayung. You will travel 12 km and spend 2 hours on the river Ayung. During the white water rafting, you will see the carvings (relief) Ramayana story along the 1 km river wall. As well as on the cliffs of the river there are many resorts, villas, and star hotels. After the adventure is over, we will guide you to the restaurant for lunch and drive return to your hotel.

Ayung Rafting Pick Up Time:

07.30 - 08.00
08.00 - 08.30
08.30 - 09.00
09.00 - 09.30
*Please contact us for pick up others area. There is an additional charge for pick up others area or drop off at the different hotel.

Price USD $30/person, minimum 2 person



  • Air-conditioned transport service
  • Coffee or tea on arrival
  • Safety-approved Rafting equipment
  • Professional Balinese raft guide
  • Shower facilities
  • Use of towels
  • Changing room and toilet facilities
  • Buffet Lunch with variety menu
  • US $50.000 Insurance coverage (except personal belongings)

What to bring:

  • Short pants or swimsuit, river sandals
  • A change of clothes
  • Money for drinks in the restaurant
  • Please the extra money for CD Photo