Baatara Gorge, The Beautiful Three-storey Cave


Consider the picture above. Cave in the picture looks amazing, is not it? That Baatara Gorge, caves with unique natural conditions are decorated charming waterfall. Cave with amazing views like in a fairy tale is in the Tannourine, Lebanon. The cave was formed from limestone transformed over millions of years.

This cave is also known as the cave three bridges or three bridges gap because the cave is composed of three floors. This cave waterfall flowing drink pretty looks of the three floors of the cave. So it seems as if there are three twin waterfalls flowing there.

But the unique scenic waterfalls that can not be enjoyed throughout the year. Because of this waterfall only flows when the spring, precisely in March and April when the snow melts. The waterfall was sourced from winter snow melt. Waterfall originating from Mount Lebanon was dropped from a height of 250 meters to a depth of limestone ravine which formed about 160 million years ago.

Unfortunately tourists who visit here do not get to enjoy the view from near the cave. Because besides the bridge is slippery due to water splashed, when the bridge was also relatively fragile. The load is too heavy feared would make it collapse.

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