The best natural exploration in Mount Rinjani National Park


You must know that from the end of the West to East Indonesia there are many volcanoes are still active, and one of them is Mount Rinjani Lombok island is located in the region. With a height that reaches 3,726 feet, this mountain is the second highest mountain in Indonesia.

Because it is a volcano, so do not be surprised if the lands are so fertile. This is evident from the forest is so thick around the slopes of the mountain with a wide variety of flora typical of Southeast Asia and Australia and is populated with fauna of Southeast Asia and Australia. This is because of Mount Rinjani is located in the Mount Rinjani National Park is also the Wallacea transition zone lines which became a meeting place for flora and fauna of Southeast Asia and Australia.

Rinjani beauty is not only reflected in the diversity of flora and fauna, but also with a crescent-shaped lake named Segara Anak contained in the mountain region. Segara Anak is a sulfur lake located 600 meters below the crater slopes.

For the people of Bali, Segara Anak is a spiritual place and each year a ceremony is held at this location pekelan. In this annual ritual, the people make offerings to the spirits of the mountain in the form of jewelry that is placed in the lake. Residents Wetu Telu also have a habit to pray in this lake every full moon night. How, you are interested to try it?

You are adventurous and want to visit Rinjani can follow 3 days trekking starts from Senaru to the crater slope, down the crater lake and continuing to Sembalun Lawang. You can also continue trekking to the summit of the volcano.

Well, prepare your climbing gear and start enjoying the natural beauty of Mount Rinjani.

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