Enjoy the charm of the bluebonnet flower beds in rural Texas


Want to see the sea of ​​blue flowers in the spring? Just try to visit rural areas of Texas in the spring. Because the spring when the state is filled with blue Bluebonnet flowers are blooming.

Bluebonnet flowers or blue lupine which means ‘blue hat’ is the national flower plant in the state of Texas, United States. This flower is very easily found in areas of Texas. Bluebonnet bloom season in Texas peaked in late March to early April.


According to the website of Texas Bed and Breakfast Association if you are driving in a rural area of Texas in the spring, you can see a view of the blue expanse of Bluebonnet flowers by local residents called “Bluebonnet trails’. Because the entire state is deliberately planted Bluebonnet. The Texas Department of Transportation spread about 30,000 pounds of Bluebonnet seeds in the region each year. So every spring the state would certainly be a stretch of blue wild flowers.

If you want to watch Bluebonnet in bulk, you can go to the city which is also known as the Burnet Bluebonnet his home in Texas. The next best place to enjoy the beauty of the Country Bluebonnet is Texas Hill, Fredericksburg, Austin, San Antonio, Lampasas and Junction.

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