Enjoy the unique pink sand beaches of Harbour Island


The beach looks unique, with sand-colored pink, contrasting with blue beaches that touch its shores? It was a sight so the main attraction beach Harbour Island. Beaches in the Bahamas is touted as one of the best beaches in the world. It is located off the northeast coast of the island of Eleuthera.

Pink beach is actually not too broad, extends only as far as 3 miles. However tourists visiting Harbour Island is almost always looking for the unique sandy beach. This beach is famous for its sand beaches soft pink like strawberry milk. The sand is composed of coral, shells, and calcium carbonate generated by millions of microscopic invertebrates.

According to Harbour Island Guide, pink sand beach is derived from foraminifera, microscopic single-celled animals that are so small. This animal has a shell of red or pink is useful to protect themselves and find food. The number of these shells are very abundant on the coast. Foraminifera shells of the dead dragged up onto the beach, having weathering for many years and eventually turned into grains of sand.

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