Graffiti Falls, a Blend of Natural Beauty and Street Art


Perhaps waterfall this one does not offer exceptional natural beauty like few waterfalls which is claimed as the most beautiful waterfalls in the world like a waterfall in the Plitvice Lakes, Croatia, Niagara, and Izvorul Bigar. But the waterfall is in California, this unique with its natural condition.

This waterfall according to Atlas Obscura is located behind Riverside, California, United States. California long has been known as a row of street art in the form of graffiti that can be found in the streets or buildings in the city. But who would have thought that the cliff where the waterfall flows were subjected to amateur artists to put evidence of their creativity?

The main features of simple small waterfall is a steep rock wall around it that has been repeatedly decorated from top to bottom. This beautiful location is a testament to recklessness of hundreds of artists who are willing to risk the safety of their lives by climbing up the steep cliff walls to simply leave the graffiti there. The result is natural beauty and colorful street art blends typical to many years.

What do you think? Is graffiti adorning the cliffs around the waterfall adds to the aesthetic value or just the opposite?

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