Kayakoy, Ancient Ghost Town in Turkey are Ready to Rent


Tropical islands leased for tourism purposes may be used. But what if the lease is a ghost town? Kayakoy, an ancient ruined city in Turkey recently offered for rent. The ancient city of historical value is now uninhabited deserted, its inhabitants abandoned in 1923 after the Greek-Turkish war broke out. Condition of the buildings were abandoned for a century like a ghost town. The dead city leased the rights to over 49 years. With a long time, anyone who buys Kayakoy can be said to have over half a century.

Although no longer inhabited by humans, Kayakoy offers a beautiful view because it lies in the middle of the Taurus Mountains. City achieve greatness in the 18th century is characterized by old stone houses with amazing architecture and an ancient church set in the scenery of Mount Taurus.

The city is actually a protected historical site. But the conservation status could not prevent the tourists from all over the world flock to it. From there the Turkish government got the idea to auction off Kayakoy as an initial step restoration. For anyone that has won the lease rights Kayakoy on October 23, 2014 will also be responsible for hotel development and renovation costs are estimated to reach 13 million USD.

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