Mystical Goa Lawah Bali


The island of Bali has a thousand temples with diverse uniqueness. One of them Goa Lawah Temple the royal king bat and a giant snake. Curious?
The temple was built in 1007 by an Indonesian religious leaders. Each side of the temple room serves as a place to pray for Hindus.

It is said that the temple is not only inhabited by thousand of bats clinging to the ceiling of the cave. The temple is believed to local residents as a hiding place wearing the crown of a giant serpent living in the dark recesses of the tunnel.

In the space inside the temple, there is a sacred river which is believed to cure various diseases and purify the mystical objects.

Unfortunately, the depth of the temple was never accessible by anyone. The structure of the temple building looks exotic with all its charm.

Not only as a place of prayer daily, Goa Lawah used as a place to celebrate the annual festival where Hindus come from all regions of Bali to pray at the mouth of the cave bat impressive.

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