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Bali Tour Company and Professional tour organizer in Bali that provides cheap and best budget Bali Tours, Bali Activities and Adventures without reducing the quality of service. We familiar with places of interest and the major attractions of Bali for your holiday in Bali. With more than 10 years experience in the field of Bali tourism, We able make a tailored trip such as yours and provide you the explanations of the various features you can experience on our wonderful Island. We can make suggestions of where it is the best to stay, see, do, buy, depending on your focus and budget. We can also make recommendations based on fair comparisons depending on your needs and wants during your Bali Tour. 

Above of all your safety is my primary concern. We look forward to welcoming you to Bali, a place we hope you come back to…..

Best Recommended Bali Tour

Cheap Bali Tour - Nusa Penida Tour - Kelingking BeachPenida Island Tour
Nusa Penida Tour give you an opportunity to  experience the untouched island with the breathtaking view

Cheap Bali Tour - Lembongan Tour - Devil TearsLembongan Island Tour
Special one day tour that arranged for you who want to feel the vibe and enjoy the highlights of Lembongan Island

Cheap Bali Tour - Dolphin Tour - Lovina SunriseBali Dolphin Tour
See the dolphin in their real habitat while the sunrise time and enjoy sightseeing around north of Bali

Most Popular Bali Activities & Adventures

Bali Buggy - Cheap Bali Tour - Muddy Trek
Bali Buggy Ride
Bali Buggy  is a land adventure activities, where you can drive a buggy car with special branded 4-wheel UTV machine

Cheap Bali Tour - Flyboard Bali
Bali Watersport Package
Bali Water sport Package is water activities that very interested by the tourists, both tourists and foreign tourists

Bali ATV Ride Quad Bike Tour - Fun Tandem Ride
Bali ATV Ride
This ATV ride offers adventure for your adrenaline rush that uses a four-wheel motor combined in a challenging track

Ayung Rafting New Gangga - Fun Rafting Activity
Bali Rafting Ayung River
Join the famous rafting adventure in Bali at the famous Ayung River which is located in Ubud District. Feel the adventure of Ayung River